33" (85cm) Tennis Ball

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          Our 40" Giant Tennis ball is a rolling, bouncing good time for sports loving kids (and adults) with lots of energy. Our balls are perfect for schools, back yards, parks, beaches, lakes, or snow. The heavy-duty construction of the bladder makes this ball perfect to take outside and let the kids or neighbors kick,hit, and roll on it for hours on end with little danger of it deflating.  
This heavy duty ball comes with a sturdy PVC bladder, 100% double knit polyester covering that is FUZZY JUST LIKE A REAL TENNISBALL, plug, plug remover, and set of instructions. And since WE ARE THE FACTORY we will also include a 90-day warranty against manufacturer's defects. And best of all the whole unit weighs in at only seven pounds.  Please note that the cover may be either yellow or green. 
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