33" Animall Ball With Cordura

Price: $200.00
Item Number: SP01514
     ORIGINAL HORSE TRAINING giant soccer ball.  Our giant balls are a rolling, bouncing good time for all animals with lots of energy.  
This heavy duty ball comes with a sturdy PVC bladder, Cordura covering, plug, plug remover, and set of instructions. And since WE ARE THE FACTORY we will also include a 90-day warranty against manufacturer's defects. And best of all the whole unit weighs in at only 9 pounds.

When the cover gets dirty from outside use just pull out the plug, remove the bladder, and then pop the covering into the wash along with the rest of your laundry. The ball can be inflated using one of the double action hand . (If you use an air compressor please follow the inflation instructions found in the FAQ section. Failure to comply with these instructions will void warranty.    Contact us at (661)817-3324 or email us at 

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