Sportogo, Inc is a California Corporation established in 1996 and run by Company President, and internationally known product designer, Rod Blair. Sportogo develops, designs, and manufactures primarily through its facilities in Bakersfield, California.  Sportogo, Inc specializes in custom design and manufacturing of products for the rental, trade show, and architectural markets.  If you can dream it we can make it.
     Our address and contact information are as follows:
Sportogo Inc
2459 Fruitvale Avenue #5
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Phone: 661-321-4937
Fax: 661-321-4935

     Sportogo has several services all located on site that allow us to design and make almost anything you can think of.  A short list of our services includes :
  • A full design staff of electrical, mechanical, and industrial design engineers headed by Rod Blair
  • Complete silk-screening ability
  • Industrial large-scale fabric cutting
  • Industrial sewing (single, double, and overlock stitch)
  • Full-service welding of all metals including specialty metals such as titanium
  • Industrial-level laser that can cut up to several hundred parts an hour out of acrylic, wood, and most metals
  • Laser machine that can etch of most materials including tile, metal, and wood
  • Press brake machine

     All of the above has allowed Sportogo, Inc to achieve it's goal of setting up to do just-in-time manufacturing for itself and others and to have the ability to make prototypes in a matter of days as opposed to the weeks or months that other companies may take.
     In the past, Sportogo has been involved in many different projects and have made, or are currently making, items that are as far-ranging as high-pressure industrial die lifters, metal and fabric sun shades, industrial transmission systems, metal dog kennels, zip lines, trailer hitches, and high temperature metal gear systems in addition to the giant sports balls you see on our website.
     In addition, Sportogo is the production facility for other companies and have been contracted to make, at regular intervals, such products as beanbag covers, pet harnesses, and sword covers.  There is no other company who has such a unique collection of resources at its disposal and we cannot wait to put these services at your disposal.

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