Hydro Bronc

Price: $3,495.00
Item Number: SP00000

          Hydro Bronc, the water walker, for land or sea, is the most exciting new sports/exercise vehicle coming out on the market. Surf the river whitewater, ride the ocean waves, or take a leisurely walk on a quiet lake. Hydro Bronc is human powered and great exercise! This state of the art craft is for the outdoors' type who appreciates a good workout and a lot of fun.
          The World Famous Hydro Bronc is one of the most amazing design feats of the 21st century and has been featured on TV in such places as Dateline NBC, Late Show with David Letterman, the Fox Family Channel, National Geographic's Human Edge, and was most recently featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not with the Playboy Extreme Team!
          The Hydro Bronc has also been featured in such magazines as National Geographic, Focus, People Weekly, Inside Sport, Outside, and Popular Mechanics.
          The Hydro Bronc is perfect for almost any water type. Lakes, harbors, the ocean, or even hitting the toughest whitewater is no problem for this sturdy craft. The Hydro Bronc is safer than conventional whitewater rafting since you are enclosed within seven independent bladders. Each bladder is made of vinyl and the covering is made of thick tarpaulin, the same covering found in whitewater rafts. The Hydro Bronc has a mesh track that runs along the center to allow you to build up speed or to slow yourself down.
          Not included with each Hydro Bronc is our optional carrying case and safety harness; both are available for $100.00 each.  And since WE ARE THE FACTORY we will also include a 90-warranty against manufacturer's defects.


REQUIRES 2-3 weeks for production!

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