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          The giant snow globe below was custom made for Body Cast Co, an Ed Libby Co creation to accomodate a single individual for a period of six hours.  To see a second, more commercial giant snow globe that can handle traffic up to several hundred people an hour click here or click on Giant Snow Globe Ver. 2 on the right hand side of the website underneath the heading Special projects.  Body Cast Co placed a real ballerina on the pedastool inside of the plastic bubble.  The entire project was designed and constructed inside of our facility.  The unit pictured was made in this way as the customer wanted individuals to be able to see the ballerina from all sides instead of just from one side as is common.

          Some of the features on this item included six air nozzles that fired in a programmed pattern, air amplifier and air circulator, and a red LED strip that ran along the entire edge of the platform to help orientate the ballerina if necessary.  The cost per unit for an inflatable snow globe just like the one shown in the picture above will range from $4500.00-$5500.00 (not including air compressor) depending on the complexity and size of the unit.  To get a personalized price quote contact us at

          The Body Cast Co is considered one of the leaders in innovative corporate and performance art events.  More information and video clips of past performances can be found on their website

Underside of the globe showing blower tubes.

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