40" and Under Sports Balls

1. How do I inflate my Sportogo ball?

The best way to inflate any of our products that are 50" in diameter and under is by using one of our foot pumps found in our REPLACEMENT PARTS section of the website. This will ensure that the bladder is not inflated faster than it can adjust to its new size. If you do not have one of our foot pumps each ball comes with a hand or foot pump adaptor.  This adaptor will fit most hand or foot pumps.  If you wish you may use an air compressor or gas station tire inflator you MUST adhere to the following instructions. If you are using an automatic method of inflation blow up the ball until the bladder starts to get tight. Once it is tight then inflate for 3-5 seconds, let it set for 1.5-2 minutes and then repeat until the ball is completely inflated.  If you have a ball that is 5-feet or larger then we would recommend a leaf blower or other similiar device. Please note that using an air compressor will null and void our 90 day warranty against manufacturer's defects.

2. I am using a compressor to inflate my 40" ball but it won't inflate over 28" high, what am I doing wrong?

You are doing nothing wrong, the compressor you are using does not have enough PSI to fully inflate the ball. When the internal bladder reaches a size larger than 24-28" (for a 40" ball) the compressor has to not just push air into the bladder but it also has to overcome the bladder's wanting to pull in on itself. Try using a stronger compressor or use the tire inflator at your local gas station. Make sure you follow the inflation guidelines found in question #1.

3. I am using a vacuum cleaner to inflate my 40" ball but it will not inflate over 28" high, what am I doing wrong?

See the answer to question #2.

4. The cover for my ball is too big. Did I get the wrong size bladder?

The bladder you got is the right size for the covering. Think of the bladder as more like a balloon than an actual ball. It will become tight at between 24-28 inches (or at 13-15 inches for a 24 inch ball) but will expand out to fill the covering.

5. I lost the plug or plug remover, where can I get another one?

We have additional plugs and plug removers for sale in the REPLACEMENT PARTS area of the website.

6. I am trying to use a sports ball inflator with a needle to inflate my 24", 40" or 50" ball but it won't fit into the hole.

A normal sports ball inflator will not work with our products (except for the 8.5" balls). We recommend using one of our foot pumps. If you do not have a foot pump then you can use an air compressor following the guideline of inflating the ball for 5-15 seconds and let it set for 45 seconds to adjust to it's new size and then repeat until fully inflated.
The reason the needle will not fit into the ball bladder is that the plug is still in the bladder. Remove the plug before attempting to inflate with foot pump.

7. How do I remove the plug from my ball's PVC bladder?

The easiest way to remove a plug is by using the plug remover that came with your ball. If you do not have the remover replacements can be bought in the REPLACEMENT PARTS section of our website.  If you choose not to use a plug remover then you can use a spoon. If you do not have a spoon then you can use a pair of needle-nosed pliers although any kind of pliers will work. Take care not to puncture the bladder or pinch your fingers during removal.

8. What is the difference between your exercise balls and the Pilates ball, swiss ball, and the fitness balls I have seen advertised?

All of the terms you have mentioned are just different names for the same product.  While our balls are similiar to the ones mentioned above we have special burst-resistant agents added and 25% more plastic.

9. I would like to get a ball with a covering other than one that is one your website. Do you make special coverings?

We can make coverings other than the ones shown on the website. In the past we have made eyeballs, yin/yang balls, melting snowmen, barbells, and solid color balls among others.
The cost to make such a cover entails many factors and has to be figured on an order-by-order basis. To get a price quote contact us by phone at 661-321-4937 or via email at and be sure to include what kind of covering you want and the quantity you would like.

10.  I see several different sizes of balls but I want a ball in a size I do not see on your website, can you make one for me?

We can make almost any of our balls in any size you want.  There are an almost unlimited number of sizes and styles that can be made so trying to make and list them all would be impossible.  If you want a size that is not currently on our website please contact us via email at info@sportogo.comor call us at 661-321-4937.

11. Can your company put logos, other images, or my team's name on the balls?

We can silk screen just about anything in order to personalize any of the balls on our website. The cost to do such has many different factors such as number of locations, number of colors, and size of artwork.  No matter what you want screened or in how many locations you want it we need for you to send us a copy of the artwork exactly as you want it.  If possible, please send your artwork as a vector file such as Corel Draw (.cdr) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai).  All artwork should go to  If necessary we can use the JPEG (.jpg) format but the size of the file needs to be at least as big as the final imprint to avoid having the imprint look fuzzy.  Please note that in the case of artwork in JPEG format the quality of the finished product is completely dependant upon the quality of the artwork submitted to us.
12.  How long does personalization of a cover take?
If you choose to personalize your product it will take 4-5 working days.  If you need it faster please call or email us to let us know.

13. What are the possible uses for your giant balls?

The uses for our line of balls continues to grow on an almost daily basis. Our products are currently used to train police horses, dolphins, and as recreation equipment for elephants (check out our Amazing Photos section). We have also had people use them to play wheelchair soccer with the disabled as well as use them as photography props, sports bar decorations, and point of purchase displays. But the most common use is to just inflate them and play a game with a bunch of friends.  Please check out the rules for our Giant Ball Games found on the right hand side of the page.

14. How long does your product last?

If left inflated the PVC bladder can last 1 1/2 years or more while the vinyl can last at least two years.

15. My ball's bladder has developed a hole, is there anything I can do?

Unfortunately there really isn't anything that can be done for balls that are 50" and under in size as the only known adhesives that will stick to PVC are industrial in nature and are hard for the average person to come by. That is why we have kept the price of our replacement bladders low. New PVC bladders can be found in the REPLACEMENT PARTS section of our website.  The internal bladders for those balls that are 5-feet and larger and made of thick vinyl and can be repaired with a standard vinyl repair kit available from any waterbed store or bicycle shop.

16. We are done playing with our ball, how do you recommend storing it?

The best way to store your Sportogo ball is to leave it inflated and stored in your garage or basement. If left inflated the bladder can last two years or more. If you cannot leave it inflated then deflate the ball fully, lay it out flat and store at room temperature. Prolonged exposure to intense cold or heat may cause either type of bladder to prematurely weaken.

17. The covering to my ball is dirty, how do I wash it?

To wash the cover, remove the bladder from inside the ball and wash in cold water using ordinary laundry detergent. Do not use bleach. After washing either allow the cover to drip dry or use the low heat setting on your machine.

18. How do I know when to stop inflating my ball?

The best way for any of the balls that are 50" and under in diamter is to keep inflating until the covering is smooth but not so tight that some of it cannot be pinched between the fingers.  If the velcro cannot be closed then the ball has been inflated too far.  For anything 5-feet and over is the zipper cannot be closed using two people then it has been inflated too far.

19. What age range are your products appropriate for?

The 24" and 30" balls are intended for use with children older than 3 years of age while the 40" balls are ideal for use with children ages six and up.  Anything 5-feet or great is ideal for use with players 15 and up.

20. Can I wash the ball with the bladder inside?

The bladder MUST be removed before washing the cover.

21. How do I get the bladder inside the covering?

Lay the internal bladder out as flat as it will go.  Situate the bladder to where the inflation hole is facing either to your right or left.  Roll the bladder from the bottom to the top keeping the bladder as tight as possible.  Have someone hold the cover and insert the bladder into the covering making sure that the inflation hole is the last part to go through.  If the covering grips the bladder rub a little baby powder over the bladder.   If you are attempting to put the bladder into the covering by yourself, you might want to place some packing tape around the bladder to help keep it tight.

22. What kind of a warranty do your products come with?

All of our products come with a 90-day warranty against manufacturer's defects. The air pressure within those products will cause any defects to show up within days of initial inflation.

23. Are there any conditions under which your products should not be used?

All of our ball products, no matter what the size, should not be used next to sharp objects such as rose bushes, goat heads, knives, or anything else that could puncture the bladder.  If used properly the PVC bladder will last two or more years.  No matter how durable our products are however, they are still made of plastic and could puncture if exposed to the above mentioned objects.

24. I bought one of your products from your company, when will it ship?

The shipping time depends on what you have ordered and if you need any silk screening or other type of personalization.  At the top of the page for each category we have included the typical shipping time.  We can ship earlier in most cases but if you do have a definitive time you need your order to arrive please contact us at and we would be happy to work with you to get your order by the time needed.

25. I bought one of your products through another company and I think it may be defective, what should i do?

The best thing to do is to contact the company you bought it from and find our what their return policy is. You may also want to ask them to contact us on your behalf so that we may work with your supplier to best solve your problem.

26.  We placed an order through your website but have changed our minds, what is the procedure for returning an item to your location?

If the product has not been opened send the item back to us and we will refund your purchase price minus the cost of shipping and a 10% restocking fee. 

27. I bought my product from your company and I think it is defective, what do I do?

In the case of a defective product purchased directly through us we ask that you call our customer service line at 661-321-4937 and describe your problem. If we cannot solve your problem over the phone we may ask you to box up only the defective part and send it to us along with proof of purchase (credit card receipt, copy of a cancelled check, bill of sale, or other) and you shipping address. We will evaluate the returned item and if found to be defective we will replace it. Our address is:
Sportogo, Inc
ATTN: Returns Department
2459 Fruitvale Avenue #5
Bakersfield, CA 93308

28. I live outside the US and would like to purchase one of your products, how do I know how much the customs or duties might be?

The customs and duties for products changes on an almost daily basis and there is no real way for us to keep track of it from country to country. The best thing to do would be to contact the appropriate branch of your country's government and ask for their assistance. All customs and duties are the responsibility of the customer and will be paid by them.

29. I want to place an order on your website but I am afraid that someone might get access to my personal information.

All orders are placed through a secure server so no third party individual can gain access to any information you send us.  If you still do not feel comfortable placing your order online give us a call at 661-321-4937 and we will take your order.

30. What does your company do with the personal information I provide when I place an order?

All information given to our company stays within our records. Your information will never be sold or traded with any other company at any time for any reason.


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